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Geography & History.

map of the world puzzle

   The reverse of this puzzle is Full Length Portraits of the Kings and Queens of England The last monarch shown is Victoria and mentions the Queen's Jubilee as one of the events of her reign. That would date this puzzle sometime after 1887 and before her death in 1901. Looking at the puzzle, it is very clear that the cutter gave preference to the map side, cutting along country lines.

the kings and queens Published by William Peacock a closeup

   The close-up shows that the previous rulers were not always highly regarded.

map of Europe
Galls & Inglis 25 Paternoster

  I have no box and no hard evidence that this puzzle was made by William Peacock. Peacock produced puzzles from 1868 to 1910 and after 1870 used Galls & Inglis prints. Galls & Inglis were located at 25 Paternoster from 1875 till 1909. This puzzle has a purple colored paper backing and is 20" x 15.375". It has a unique feature: one of the pieces is an exact fit, with an exact match of wood and paper (both sides), but the map lines do not quite match up. There are nail holes in the corners, indicating that this puzzle was stack-cut, perhaps the piece was mixed up at the factory!

  You might note the two slightly pink pieces in this picture. These were missing pieces that I made. When I was done cutting them, I was having a cup of tea. It occurred to me that the tea might "age" my replacement pieces so I lightly brushed some on. After they dried, the effect was almost perfect, but still a little light. I brushed on some more tea and as they dried, both pieces turned pink!. This is an old picture; I re-made both replacements and treated them with a fixative before applying any more tea. I also took the time to replace the two tiny tips that are missing. For some reason, maybe company was coming, I put the puzzle away before taking a picture of the non-pink replacements.
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