The Great American Centennial Exhibition Puzzle Blocks, in sectional parts

Manufactured by George H. Chinnock, patent pending 1875. In five views comprising: 1. Art Gallery, morning view; 2. Machinery Hall, sunset view; 3. Horticultural Hall, night scene - illuminated; 4. Agricultural Hall, storm view; 5.The Main Building, day scene - Grand Opening. This souvenir puzzle may have gone along with the introduction/display of at least two new & improved versions of the scroll saw in the Machinery Hall. I do know what exactly was the nature of his patent or why they were called blocks.

I have seen other copies of this puzzle, one on display at the Antiquarian Society of Worchester, MA and one on eBay. As far as I could tell, they were the same as mine. The five puzzles each have a corresponding picture insert (which I have placed underneath two of the puzzles while taking pictures; somewhat obscuring the two missing pieces).