The Dissected Map of the United States (dated 1866) is one of my oldest American made puzzles. Slightly in front of it in the red box is a "rainy day ballon puzzle" a late 1800s advertisement for Hood's Sarsaparilla. The blue Atlas puzzle was made in France around 1900 and consists of 8 different well made puzzles of the continents. One puzzle is of France, cut into provinces. The picture does not show that there are three different "Outline Map of the United States" boxes. All three were from about 1884 to 1896. The large box with the large pieces is also a U.S. map puzzle with a picture of the U.S. Capitol building on the reverse. It is a large puzzle, more than 25 inches on each side. The cardboard box is a reproduction made for Colonial Williamsburg's gift shop. I understand that they have a copy of the 1788 original. Behind that is a late 1800s United States Naval Puzzle, a two sided puzzle of ships. In the left front corner is a "Temple of Knowledge" puzzle made by Mrs Alice J. Chamberlain, from about 1880.