Yes, the information was correct; a 237 piece puzzle that is 3.5" x 5.5". This is a Milton Bradley "Premier Miniature Picture Puzzle"

  From the Spring/Summer 1933 catalog (Thanks, Anne)

 A "pocket edition" innovation in picture puzzles.  ... These dainty
miniatures will delight the "puzzle fan" by their perfectly cut pieces with
their interlocking edges, handsome subjects, and attrative, compact package.
Price.. each, $3.00

  M1 The Mail Coach
  M2 Leaving the Encampment
  M3 The Surprise
  M4 The Stirrup Cup
  M5 Snowbound
  M6 Morning Harbor 

 The puzzle fits neatly into the black tray and the tray sits snugly in the top of the box. I have never seen any others of this line.