Obviously, many of the puzzles that are featured on the "bookshelf" would fall into this category. Here are some others that are singular examples of fine cutting or deserve special note for other reasons. This page could end up extremely long; looking at the boxes on the shelves, there are a lot of puzzles that could be considered a favorite for one reason or another. Whether it is the picture, the cut, the age, the story behind the puzzle or the story behind the acquistion, here is the beginning of the list of my favorites. As you can see, many of these are from unknown makers or by lesser known manufacturers.

  I had no idea, other than the title, of what the picture might be when I assembled these for the first time. I think I should let you open these one at a time.
TitleManufacturerSize(inches)# Pieces
The Old Dog Sees Them OffPicture Puzzle Exchange24.25x14.5500
Washington at the Forgeunknown16x11400
The Princessunknown9.25x11.5461
Movie Starunknown9x13185
The Return of the Fishing FleetLeisure Hour16x9.25468
Leaving the EncampmentMilton Bradley3.5x5.5237
Thousand Islandsunknown12x6172
Land of the Midnight SunWhat Fun Picture Puzzles16 x 22502
"girl with flowers"unknown8.25x11152
A Raise in the Southunknown18x11.25324
Ready for the Danceunknown15x11.5264
Appeal of the VagrantsMary Underwood8.25x16264
a small reward ?unknown2.75x316