TitleSize(inches)# Pieces
The Autumn Hero 8.5x10176
The Wedding... 5x682
Mopsa The Fairy 3.75x5.375 59
Miss Chrysthemum 6x879
The Trees 6.75x8.125117
The River Bank16x6 157
A Nutting Expedition 8.5x10.75159
The Harpsichord7.25x5 86
The Sprite8.75x9.5 128
Mother and Child5.625x7.875 95
Fairies4.75x7.5 72
A Glass of Lemonade 8.5x10.75139
A Trio13.75x10.75 256
Miss Elizabeth 11.25x8.7570
Santa Maria... 8x5.593
A Glimpse...8.75x11 141
Tea Plucking...5.5x7.5 87
Swedish Funeral8.25x5.25 65
Mime Nazimova 3.25x7.2555
The Sole Survivor8.5x10.5 143
Old Fashioned Girl8.75x11 158
Jack Frost ... Artist8.5x10 116
The Flood 8.625x6.5101
The Sandman10x10.25 195
Waiting 5.25x7.7585
Queen Isobel4.75x7 82
Katrinka6x8 97
The Brigand4.75x7.25 95
Pretty Polly6.875x6.5 88

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