Jig of the Week

A New Puzzle
Issued Every Week
On Sale Wednesday

   The first in this series of 25 cent cardboard puzzles was issued in October 1932. They each had over 300 pieces and a stated 3 hour normal time requirement. They also came with a 7 x 5 inch insert with a black&white picture of the puzzle and the next week's title. They were manufactured by the University Distributing Company and at the peak of their popularity, millions of puzzles per week were being produced. It seems as if this must have been state-of-the-art technology, to produce and distribute that many puzzles on a weekly basis! There are a lot of these puzzles still in existance, with the first 10 or so being hardest to find, but complete ones with the insert still present are just as tough to come by. If they were really published at a rate of one per week and there are only 31 of them, then the jigsaw puzzle fad/craze of the early 1930s must not have lasted too many months past 1932.

   These are the only 20th century cardboard puzzles that I have actively tried to collect. Some observations from my incomplete set.

1untitled (American Sailing Ship)
2Deauville Races 1932
3Boat Race
4The Prairie Fire
5King Arthur's Country
6Little Birds of the Shore
7Sheridan's Charge
9Buffalo Hunt
10The Jolly Flat Boatmen
11Green Sleeves Leads the Way
15Wild Horses
16Between two Fires
17Milady of the Tavern
18Charging Elephants
19Merchant Ship
20Washington at Mt. Vernon
21Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg
22Boyhood of Sir Walter Raleigh
24Important Question
25So Near Yet So Far
26The Defense
27A Quiet Battle
28Sunday Morning in Norway
29The Fortune Teller
31Dance of the Minuet

*List Courtesy of Verl Cook
**Puzzle number 12 came in a "standard" box and in the special holiday box.