Parker Brothers began producing puzzles for children in the late 1800s. The Pastime line, which began about 1908, appears to be their first puzzles aimed at the adult market.
More info and details coming, in the meantime, here are a few pictures of some of my Pastimes.

TitleSize(inches)# Pieces
*children leaving school14.625x11252
Why Don't You Speak...8.125x10.625153
Colonial Hallway7x9109
A Financial Problem10.5x14.5258
Children's Hour6.25x8.625103
My Lady Goes Shopping10.75x7.5124
Christmas Waifs10.25x6.25305
Autumn In Vermont8.5x8.5103
Roadside Pool9.5x15219
The Departure17.75x14406
On The Alert16x17275
On The Downs10x6.75109
A Loving Father ...?503
High Over Cove Acres5.25x3.2530
The Beach14.5x19~400
Birth Of The National Anthem9.675x11.675208
Cottage And Garden14.75x10.625301
Queen Meave4.875x6.87559
Cardinal's Table6.625x890
A Garden Path11.875x9.875223
Castle Entrance Warwick5.75x8.7584
Meet At The Manor19x12.5414
Old Curiosity Shop6x9104
A Toast17x12.875?
My Island Of Dreams10.125x7.5104
Girl and the Geese9x10.5115

Note: I don't measure the puzzles to thousands-of-an-inch, this is just the conversion from 1/8 inch increments.